Ya’ll are probably wondering about the title of this post right?? Well last night was my first time at BUNKO and it was the most fun time ever!! We all have/ had at one time worked at the same hospital called LeBonheur, so we decided that it wasn’t going to be called just plain old Bunko anymore. It is now LeBunko! (LeBonheur + Bunko= LeBunko). Haha we’re silly, I know! So this is going to be a monthly thing and I already can’t wait until next month’s game!! I didn’t win any money but next time I will have my game face on! Haha. Here is a group picture from last night.


We have our hands like that in the back because the point of the game is to roll sixes, hence throwin some sixes! Haha, remember I am from Memphis! Anyway it was a blast!!

On to other things… I had a 3 mile recovery run this morning that went fine. My legs were dead but I expected them to be since I did a hilly 6 miler yesterday. I started running at 5:45 so I could get it in before class and the first half of my run was in the dark! Scary, I know! Actually, I wasn’t scared at all! There were tons of street lights once I got out of my neighborhood so I think I am officially starting to get over my fear of running in the dark!!

I’m having a lazy relaxing night tonight! Just me and Sadie:) I currently am in my PJ’s trying to decide what to have for dinner… pizza or pasta?? I also have a bottle of wine waiting to be opened! And since tomorrow is an off day from running, I don’t have to worry about the wine affecting my run:) I also have some Big Brother and Real World episodes to catch up on. Looking forward to lounging in front of the TV! I am currently addicted to pizza. I want it for every meal, well except breakfast. Every time I think of what I want to eat, all I can think about is pizza! Wonder why?? So that’s probably what I will end up having tonight! Ha! Are there any foods ya’ll are addicted to?? Too bad mine isn’t like veggies or something healthier since pizza isn’t that healthy!


  1. My coworkers and I play Bunko once a month...it's so fun!!

  2. I've heard of that game and it sounds fun. Great pics. Looks like a fun bunch of girls!

    Pizza is my addiction right now too. What's up with that? Frozen, homeade, restaurant - doesn't matter, I'll eat it. And wine - girl, sounds like we have the same type of evenings goin on :)

    Great job running the 3 miles. Sometimes it's harder to run those easy maintenance miles than the ones you know are going to be tough (like a hilly 6 miler).

    bb- I don't know how much you know about bb, but I'm SO happy with the turn of events!! "Jesse's girls" are IDIOTS with the bandleader being the worst (Chima). I mean seriously, don't they give physcological evaluations before casting people?

  3. How fun! I love the name! ;)

  4. I've only heard great things about Bunko!

    I've been on a big pizza kick too - I make some good homemade stuff ;). I tried my absolute best to find some after the race last night, but no where would sell me pizza by the slice! Grr.

  5. Haha. I've tried BUNKO one time before, and had wished there was some sort of alcohol involved lol. After 5 hours I was a bit tired of the game! Glad you had fun :) And I crave pizza all the time too, but mostly spinach. I don't know why, I just LOVE spinach. If I don't have it once a day then I notice..lol...