So much reading!!

I literally studied and read for class for 7 hours today! Talk about exhausting!! And I still have tons more to do. There just isn’t enough time in the day!!

I did get in my running though!! Speed work was on the plan today, so that’s what I did. I really like doing my speed work on the treadmill, gasp!! I know right? But I don’t get too bored because I am constantly switching the pace up plus I keep a steady pace and don’t go too fast or too slow and there aren’t any hills!! If I had a track around here, that would be different, but since I don’t, the treadmill will have to do!! I did 6X400 with a 90 sec recovery, plus warm-up and cool down for a total of 4 miles. Speed workouts always wear me out but in a good way! I was definitely able to finish this without struggling at all. I also took Sadie for a 1 mile walk and tonight went on a really nice 1.5 mile walk with Erin. The weather was actually really nice! There was a great breeze from the storm coming in!! Great conversation too:)

I want to share something that I really love. Now, I know many of your are Starbucks lovers like me and now I am so excited to be able to make my favorite drink at home!! I worked at Starbucks for 3 years starting when I was in high school so I have probably tried every drink possible! Haha. But my ALL TIME favorite is a Tall Nonfat No Water Chai Latte. So delicious!! If you have never had one, try it! It’s only 140 calories for the tall. Anyway, I found the Tazo Chai base that we used when I worked there at the grocery store the other day!!


All you do is mix half chai and half milk and heat it up! Delicious!! I may or may not have had 2 of these today!!


I love Chai tea!!

What is your favorite thing to get at Starbucks?? I also really like the Pumpkin Spice Latte when it comes into season! It’s more of a splurge though!!


  1. Ah good luck with all the reading! Your treadmill work is impressive too!

    I get a Grande Iced Soy Chai Latte. Had one last week while interviewing for a job, and it was probably only the second time in 3 years I've had one, but I remembered that it's my standard order! I'll have to look for the at home version - the real thing is so expensive.

  2. Girl you're making me nervous to start school again...I'm not used to studying every night, but I know I'll have to soon! eek...

    Good job on the 400s!!! I agree, speedwork wears me out, but in a good way, too. It's a nice accomplishment. :)

  3. Girl, I've just recently gotten in to Tazo Green Tea that you can get from the grocery store, have you ever tried that??

  4. Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte...yum! Those helped get me through some early morning study sessions in nursing school!

  5. You are much more disciplined than I could ever be about school work!

  6. I like the new layout. I'm sorry your still fighting this cold. I hate the ones that just linger forever. I'm glad you got to work in some speedwork.

    I actaully hate starbucks and have never understood why people like their coffe. I drink it black and thier black coffee is among the worst. We are lucky enough here in the Pacific NW to have some great local coffee. Starbucks is for the tourists here :)

  7. Just found your blog, love it!

    I also LOVE Chai tea lattes and I must find that in my grocery store asap!! :)