For the love of running....

My runs have sure been sucking lately!! Ugh. I got up at 6 this morning and headed out from my parents house (I stayed there last night because we were up late doing wedding stuff). I was feeling lazy, tired, and yucky from allergies so I just decided to do a short run. Well at 0.4 miles I was ready to be done but I made myself run 2 miles. Blah. I hate that I am in a running funk! I need something to kick my butt into gear, possibly a fun 5k to make me into it again! I will have to look for one. The bad thing is I have class most Saturday mornings so that makes it hard to find a local 5k, but I will look!

Today I am laying out at my parent's house and studying! At least I can get some color while I study!! We got a lot accomplished on the wedding front yesterday. Sadly, it is looking like the Hilton is going to be MUCHO expensive so I am still waiting to hear more about the Santa Rosa Golf and Beach resort before I make a final decision!! But I did find some cakes, flowers, and photographers I like!! Don't worry, I will share once I make specific decisions!! This week I am going to ask the girl's to be my bridesmaids/ matron of honor! Can't wait! I am hoping to get a lot of studying done this week so I can go visit my best friend Jaime, on Saturday, who just moved to Nashville! We have been friends since like 6th grade! I am so glad she's super close because now I can make a day trip to see her and vice versa! Yay!! Well I hope ya'll have a wonderful day!!


  1. Good luck with the wedding plans. Don't you wish there was a giant money tree to pay for everything?

  2. Hope you have a GREAT day girl!!! Let the wedding planning begin, huh? I know everything will fall into place!!! :)

  3. There is a 5k in Somerville on Sep. 12. It's a Saturday, but it is local and soon! I am planning on doing it (I'll probably have to walk some). It's part of the Fayette County Cotton Festival and it's called the Cotton Pickin' 5K. Give me your email and I'll send you the info.

  4. So I thought you were training for a half marathon. Didn't you say you made a training plan for yourself?

  5. There is a 5k this Friday night. Check out the Memphis Runners Webpage and look at the race calendar. Hope this helps!

  6. You can also look on Do you want to walk tonight?

  7. That's my kind of the sun! ;)

  8. Yay wedding plans! Good luck with all your plans!

  9. Well, running is hard when it is monsoon season in Memphis!

  10. Awww :) I'm so glad you get to see your friend and the wedding planning is going good too!! And your runs will get better, just go out there and act like you don't care how you run that day, that way you won't have any expectations! Just tell yourself you are running for fun