Big Test Day!!

Today is the day! My first Anesthesia test! Wish me luck!! It’s not until 12pm so I have been studying some this morning so it will be fresh in my brain:) Unfortunately after the test, I have class, and then I have to go be grossed out in the cadaver lab. Not looking forward to that.

I felt extra tired this morning. My alarm went off at 5:45 and I laid in bed until 6:30!! I finally made myself get up and go run but my legs were feeling sluggish too so I just did 3 miles. I went pretty slow compared to yesterday, about a 10:40 pace I think. It was already so hot and humid at 6:30 in the morning. YUCK! I am so ready for fall weather!! My run was pretty uneventful. There were a ton of people out because today is the first day of school and my parents live right by the elementary and high school. After my run my mom and I took the dogs for a walk. Sadie loves to walk. Every time I get home from running she sits at the door and waits for me because she knows it’s her turn to go! Haha

Well, I’m in for a long day. Hope everyone has a good Monday!


  1. Good luck on your test!

  2. Oooo good luck, good luck, GOOD LUCK!! :D

  3. pray you have a good day and hope you do well on your test!!

  4. good luck girly!!

  5. Good luck!

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