Wedding Website

I am thinking of making a wedding website so my guests could get all the info about the wedding event! I could also include my registry on there and our story:) I am needing to do this soon so I can put the website on the Save The Dates! What do ya’ll think?? Good or bad idea?? Now, if I do it, where to make the website… I know you can make one on but I was wondering if ya’ll knew of any other sites that let you make FREE wedding websites?

I don’t really have much else to say. No running today, it was a walking/strength training day and nothing really to say about that. Same old, same old.

I am totally mentally drained from school right now which is why I probably can’t think of anything fun to write about! School is sucking the life out of me! Haha, not really but it’s just neverending and sometimes that really weighs on you! Oh well, I’m just gonna have to get used to it because I just started the program! Don’t worry, all my classmates feel the same. I think it’s because we had a killer hard test Monday and it’s all gotten us down, not to mention we still don’t have our grades to know how bad we did! Oh school…

Well I’m making a yummy dinner tonight that will hopefully put me in a better mood! I am making Brown Sugar Rubbed Salmon from Erin’s recipe! I am also making broccoli and brown rice to go along with it. And a glass of wine will most definitely be in there too!! I will let ya’ll know how it was tomorrow!


  1. Try! Free!

  2. I def think you should do a wedding website!
    Try also!

  3. I think a website would be very helpful. You might also consider setting up a seperate blog with all the information on it. It would be free for you and your guests.

  4. Definitely, a wedding website would be awesome!! :)

  5. I think wedding websites are then we can all keep up to date on your wedding happenings! :)

  6. You could even do one on blogger! Have all of the permanent info on the side bar (story registry links, event links) and then have updates and full info as blog posts.

  7. did you like the salmon??

  8. I say yay to a wedding website. I always think they're real cute.