First week of Half Marathon training plan

The first week of this plan has been really good! I did all my runs without too much trouble! Here is a recap of this week:

Mon- strength training/walking
Tues- 4 miles total- 6X400 with warm up and cool down
Wed- strength training/ walking
Thursday- 6 miles
Friday- 3 miles
Saturday- off/ walking
Sunday- 4 miles
Total- 17 miles

This next week is the last week of 4 running days and then I step it up to 5 running days for the remainder of my training! Bring it on!!

Todays run was awesome!! I set out about 6:20 and the weather was AMAZING!! It had to be in the low 60's! Loving that slight chill in the air!! I did 4 hilly miles in 39:56!! Yep, that's right, a 9:57 pace!! I am usually so much slower than that and I am totally relating this awesome run to the drop in temps! Looking forward to some more cooler temps and faster runs to come!!

After church, my mom and I went to Swoozies to check out some wedding invitations and save the dates to get pricing ideas!! Who knew invitations were so expensive!! The ones I feLl in love with are going to be like $800!! Crazy!! Not sure if it will fit into my budget or not:( But they were perfect, simple with my exact colors (yellow and blue) and looked cute and beachy! I love them and am hoping I can get them!! I am still wanting to send out magnet save the dates but not sure now if I will get to, if these invitations take up all my "paper product" budget. Guess it's up to mom and dad!! Do I really need save the dates?? What do ya'll think??


  1. Man, I had no idea invitations were that much! I think save the dates are cute, but if it doesn't fit in the budget, then I guess it's definitely one of those things that you can skip.

  2. Oh, btw, check the vista print website. They do magnets for really inexpensive!

  3. Good running!!

    If you know an elementary school teacher - they usually have easy access to laminators. The last save the date magnet I got was printed at home, then laminated and glued on to sheet magnets that you can get pretty cheap at a party / craft store. The more you do yourself, the cheaper it is!

  4. You can get invitations for so much less! I got wonderful, nice quality invitations off etsy. Here's the shop I bought from:

    She was so great to work with and willing to work with me and my ideas. Just a suggestion if you're trying to save money! Even if she isn't a good source, there are tons of other great invitation sellers on etsy, it's worth looking at!

  5. we went to xpedex on quince and ordered invitations and we're taking them to a printing company to have them printed. Super inexpensive but they look really nice. Let me know if you need any help! Happy Planning!

  6. You go girl, very proud of you!!!

    And I'm with Melissa, if it's one of those things you can't fit in your budget, I think you'll be okay!!! It's all about prioritizing!

  7. how were the muffins??

  8. I did save the dates, but mostly because I was so excited to start planning and send out SOMETHING. :o)

  9. Girl, good job on that pace. Hopefully you get more good weather like that. I'm excited for your new training plan.

    I think you DO need save the dates. Especially if its a summer wedding when everybody is planning their vacations and if its a destination wedding then forget it - you HAVE to do them. Think about it if you were a guest at somebody elses' wedding. Wouldn't you want to if you needed to carve out time and money for a wedding you were going. I love the magnet idea. If you really want to save money though you could always make your own. I made my save the dates and invitations and they turned out beautifully. You don't have to sacrifice personality and class for money.

    I'm excited to see the invitatons. I hope you post a picture of them.