Finally Friday!!

Friday is finally here and I am so excited!! I am going to an early lunch with my friend/bridesmaid Katie at Panera, then I'm off to Nashvegas to visit Jaime/ matron of honor for the weekend!! It will be so nice to just visit and not think about school for a few days! Unfortunately, when I get back, school starts to get crazy with tests, projects, and presentations:( So this is my last weekend this semester to really enjoy!!

No running today, it's a rest day!! My legs don't feel very sore today which makes me happy!! Allergies are still bothering me, blah. Not sure how much I will get to blog this weekend so I may be MIA but it is for a good reason! I will be having a blast with my BFF!! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Girl, have a blast and enjoy yourself. I'm jealous, I want to go to Nashville. LOVE that place!!! :)

  2. Have fun!! We'll see you next week for some walking!

  3. Have a great time!!

    Man, I miss Panera!

  4. yum!! i love panera!
    have a wonderful weekend hun :)

  5. Ooooh, what are you going to be doing in Nashville?

  6. I've never been to nashville. I hope you have fun :) And PS.. I just ate panera, LOL.