No school Sunday!!

I've officially declared all Sundays "No School Sundays"!! I need at least one day a week off from school and studying, otherwise I will go insane!! Haha.

I decided to spend the night at my parents house last night so I could get up and do a 6 miler before church. Since it's starting to get lighter later in the mornings, I set my alarm for 6am so I wouldn't be running in the dark!! The only bad thing about this is that although it's getting lighter later in the morning, the temps are still remaining the same (crazy hot!). So, the later I start, the hotter it is. Anyway, it was the usual hotness and humidity today and luckily the sun didn't fully come out until my last mile or so. This run sucked. I knew it would from the moment I woke up. I just didn't have that drive to run today and my runs usually suck when I don't feel like running. Plus, I have been feeling extra tired lately, no doubt due to this cold I'm fighting. I ran most of the 1st 4 miles and did a little more walking the last 2 miles but I did complete the full hilly 6 miles. However, if I could have found a phone, I would have called someone to come get me. And believe me, I was debating on asking every person I saw for a phone! Haha. The run was going THAT bad. Since I am still fighting this cold, it was extra hard to breathe and now I have this gross cough that makes it a little difficult to run and breathe while coughing. So basically I was having issues getting my breath and then I felt my asthma coming on so I had to back off a little and start taking walk breaks, which I hate doing. But I am glad I finished even though I had to take walk breaks. I will say though, my tummy didn't feel as yucky as it normally does after these longer runs, so I'm sure the walking helped a bit with that!! Just glad it's over!

I'm sure another reason my run wasn't good was because I've been pretty inconsistent with running the last coupe of weeks and especially this week. And for me, one of the major things that helps me improve my running is consistency. So, I am planning on running at least 4 times this next week and from now on, and making out a training plan to follow. I really do like the idea of the FIRST plan but I think I need at least 4 days of running so I am going to attempt to create my own plan based on a couple different plans I like. So, if anyone wants to throw out some good tips for creating your own plan, specific runs that have worked for them, or any other good ideas to include into my training plan I would love to hear them!! And for those of you who don't know, this will be a training pan for a half marathon in December.

I have had a fairly lazy day today, besides running. I went to church, then came home and went to Target with my mom and have being hanging out at my parents house for the rest of the day. My mom and I did make Brownies from scratch that smell delish! Can't wait to try them!! Oh, and the pound cake I made the other day was a SMASHING success!! Al loved it! Yay!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Wish the weekends would last longer!! :)


  1. ha, you are too funny!
    if you would've had a phone you would've called for a ride! good for you for finishing!
    i also think you deserve at least one day off a week from homework!!
    send me a brownie ;) i'm hungry!

  2. Sorry your run was terrible :( That really sucks. And Sunday is an off day in my book too :) You should allow yourself one day a week where you just don't have to do anything, you deserve it!