Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone!! Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful weekend! Mine has been pretty good as well. I didn’t post yesterday, because, well, there was nothing to post about!! I literally got up, went to school, did school work, and cooked dinner for me and Al. Nothing exciting there!! I did get to spend time with my love though:)

Today I was a lot busier!!! I got up super early before church and did my long run for the week. 6 hilly miles. It was tough, guess I shouldn’t have not done my long runs for the past couple weeks. Really throws my running off. I was slow and it was brutal but I managed to run all 6 miles! I got home and have been battling tummy issues all day. Blah. Guess I pushed myself a little too hard! I feel like I’m stuck at 6 miles. It’s SO frustrating! I need to start increasing my mileage but 6 still seems so hard!

After my run I got ready and went to church. After the service, my mom and I talked wedding and went to Swoozies to look at Save The Date cards!! I totally found some I like! Loving the magnet idea!! Anyone use Save The Dates for their weddings??

I came home and found Al grilling some hamburgers! YUM!! They were super good and we have some chocolate strawberry cake for dessert too!! Now I’m off to watch Big Brother!


  1. I love Save the Date magnets! They're so cute!

  2. Save me a slice of the chocolate strawberry cake! :)

  3. You know my address to send the magnet, haha!!! :)

  4. Magnets are actually a good idea...never thought of that!! Good thinking!

  5. My BFF did save the date magnets, from like a year and a half ago, and it's still on our fridge!

    To break through the 6 miles - try walking a cool down mile after the 6 - you can be as slow as you want. It's a good time to mentally recap the bulk of the run and assess how you're feeling. You'll be teaching your legs to keep moving when they are tired at the same time :) Pretty soon you'll want to start jogging and then running that mile, then there will be more miles, and ta-da!

  6. Yay for the men cooking, hah :) Glad you had a good, but hilly run!

  7. oh i'm addicted to big brother! i wish it wasn't on almost every night of the week, i can't keep up ;)

  8. We did save the date magnets, and I have quite a few still on my fridge from other friends over the years. GOod luck with the planning!