Mowing the grass must be considered cross training!!

As my title says, mowing the grass must be considered cross training! I was out there for over an hour mowing, edging, and sweeping in the 100 degree heat!! Really got my heart pumping and got me super sweaty!! Needless to say, my jungle of a yard is now nicely manicured:)

Meet my new dish washer!!



Sadie loves to help clean the dirty dishes!! Once she hears me pop the dish washer open, she is right there with me! Luckily, she knows how to distinguish between clean and dirty dishes!!

No running today, just a nice walk with Sadie and mowing the grass. I’m going to run tomorrow but haven’t decided if I should do my long run for the week since I just ran long yesterday, or if I should do more of a tempoish run. I would rather do my long run because I don’t know exactly what my schedule will be like the rest of the week but we’ll see.

My mom has taken control of the wedding planning, thank goodness! She has been on the phone and internet all day researching and finding out all kinds of pricing info. Now she just needs me to pick out stuff I would like to have so she can get a more accurate price. I am so not into this! Ha! I’m the worst at making decisions! All I’m interested in is my dress:) Glad I have her to pick up my slack!! I am headed over to her house now to look at flowers and cakes on the internet. Wohoo! Hopefully we will have the location set in stone VERY soon and I will let ya’ll in on it!!


  1. LOL - omg sadie is too darn funny! :) we don't have a dishwasher but when lando is at my mom's house - she does the same thing!

  2. That's great your mom's helping so much. I bet that takes some of the stress off!!

  3. Awww hahaha - love the little pup pic :) My Mom did a TON for my wedding too...I think they really like it, so I didn't object! ;)

  4. I burn some serious calories on my yard too. It always feels so good to get it done though, doesn't it.

    Glad to hear you have such big help with the wedding.

  5. Awww I miss my old dog who used to lick all the plates in the dishwasher!

  6. I totally agree! Yardwork is definitely exercise :) Would your dog be available to come to my house and clean my dishes, haha :)

  7. Oh my word, your dog is hilarious!!!! And yay for mom's, what would we do without them, right???? haha!!! :)

  8. You know the run/walk thing is beginning to grow on me! I do think that shorter intervals are more for beginners (4 min run/1 min walk for example) but I find that with this heat and humidity, running one mile and then walking for a minute is perfect because it allows you to really kick it up a notch during the running portions!

  9. ha, your pup is too cute!
    i think it's awesome that your mom is being your personal wedding planner doing the dirty work ;) gotta love our momma's!