Baking is my stress relief!!

Hey everyone! Hope ya’ll had a GREAT Monday!! Mine was mostly taken over with studying, I have another anesthesia test on Friday, not to mention tons of reading for other classes! I finished up the rough draft of my half marathon training plan yesterday, thanks to my dad’s help. He used to be a runner too, before he injured his ankles, so I appreciate his help!! I think it’s a killer plan and is going to be tough, but will definitely have me ready to race come December 5th! I have myself doing 5 runs a week on my training plan so this week and next I am building up to running 5 days a week. I am excited to get started training!!! Today was a walking/ strength training day and I did just that! I walked about 2.75 miles total (outside with Sadie and inside on the treadmill while studying) and did a 25 min strength routine. I think my arms are gonna be sore tomorrow!!

I LOVE to bake and decided today that it is definitely my stress reliever. Call me Izzy Stevens if you must, but it really is a great way for me to just relax and stop thinking about all my stressful school and life stuff!! So I was definitely in need of baking after the awful cadaver lab tonight. So I got to thinking… What can I do with these??


3 very over ripe bananas… I think Banana Bread was calling my name so that is just what I made!! Plus I had all the ingredients on hand! Gotta love that!!



It smells delish and I am going to try it right after this post!! I love warm, moist banana bread! YUM!!

I also wanted to share the new collar I bought Sadie, since hers broke this weekend.


I got this collar from Target and I love it! It is orange and white polka dots!! Perfect for supporting UT football since that is where I go to school now! Go Vols!! Sadie is definitely ready for football season :)

Do ya’ll like college football? What’s your favorite team?

I went to college at The University of Memphis so I cheer for them even though they aren’t very good at football, but basketball is another story!! I guess I will cheer for UT this year also, since I go there now!! And I also have cheered for Ohio State my whole life, because that’s where my dad went! Love me some college football!!


  1. Oh no, Miss Ohio State, we may have ourselves a little college football war - Go Lions! (Penn State)

    Can't wait to hear how your half training goes. It's a fantastic distance!

  2. I love the orange mixer!!

    I went to the University of Maryland, so I'm a TERPS fan all the way!

  3. Not a huge sp[orts watcher but love going to Football games in person. And of course cheer for the Florida Gators!!! :)

  4. I love Sadie's new collar! Lando has the same one but her's is pink! :)

  5. GO VOLS!! Can't wait for the season to start =0) Love your orange mixer too - very UT-ish

  6. I put chocolate chips in my banana bread, and it's the best!