Suggestions Please!!

I am looking for a women's devotional/bible study and need suggestions! Is there a specific one ya'll have really enjoyed? Also, it doesn't have to necessarily be a WOMEN'S study. Thanks ya'll!! :)


  1. I'm doing Beth Moore's Esther. I like it so far. I'm about half way through. Anything Beth Moore is great!

  2. Beth Moore is good! The only problem I have with some of hers would be if you are doing it alone....she has a book, workbook, then she will have some movies..its kinda alot. Her studies are good though. Im in the same boat trying to find a good devotional. I actually bought the one year bible and the one year prayer bible. You do it daily you can do just one of the books but I figured I would do them together!! I have really enjoyed this so far! Email me if you want more info on it...i dont want to take up your entire wall. ;)

  3. Well I have done several of these. One of my favorites is Beth Moore's When Godly people do ungodly things. It is a great one. Really makes you think. I have also done one called becoming a vessel God can use. Pretty much anything Beth Moore is worth it.