Bad Girls of the Bible

I started my new study on the Bad Girls of the Bible today. The first chapter was on Eve. It was really great! I'm probably most familiar with Eve's story since it is in the very first book of the Bible! But there were great points and discussion questions that really got me thinking. The author even had a short story with similar sin temptations that takes place in present day. So it was really neat how you could relate to the temptation that Eve felt. I also really liked how it referenced other verses in the Bible that had to do with Eve's story. One thing I really took away was how often we blame others for our sins. Adam blamed Eve right away for giving him the forbidden fruit to eat and he also blamed God for putting Eve in the garden with him to tempt him. And Eve blamed the serpent for tempting her to eat the fruit. It's so hard for us to take blame for our own sins and hiding from these sins because we are ashamed or embarassed is sin in itself. It just really helped me to realize how important it is to take responsibility for all my sins and actions, even ones that I am ashamed of and repent them to God. Because he will forgive us no matter what! God is awesome!!


  1. That sounds like a great study! I've been looking for a good one to do! Let me know how you like it!

  2. I can't wait to hear more. Keep us posted! I will be needing a new study in 2 weeks. That one sounds so fun!

  3. Oh wow...I'm ordering that book right now. What an interesting study! Thanks for sharing. That made my day.

  4. i do too want to hear more. what is a good first timers study??