Great Weather Monday!

Today we had wonderful weather! And most importantly, my favorite RUNNING weather! It was about 75 degrees when I set out to do my run today:) For some reason, actually I know what reason, the competitive side of me feels the need to try to increase my mileage every time I run since I am at such a low mileage right now. And the practical side of me knows that it's probably not good to increase my mileage on EVERY run. I keep telling myself, the 10% rule, but my competitive side is winning! Haha. Anyway, so I didn't really have a goal set for myself today, just wanted to run a little farther than I did on Friday. And I did! I ran 1.5 miles! Now I realize that's only 0.25 miles longer but who cares, its longer! I felt great too! No ankle trouble! I was still a little sore from all the lunges and squats I did on Friday and I could definitely feel the soreness as I ran up the hills. But overall I feel good about my progress since I've only been back at it like a week and a half. Tomorrow I have a soccer game so that will be my running for the day. Hope everyone got to get out and enjoy the weather!

PS: I am in the process of making a new running playlist! Yea!
PPS: Some of you have been asking for the recipe I use to make the Red Velvet Cake Balls. Click here.


  1. Hi Nikki! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish you luck at getting back into the swing of things with running, don't push it too much or you will end up injured again! (But I'm sure you know that)

    I already know we have something in common-I love Red Velvet Cake Balls!!

  2. Good luck with the running...I read your blog and wish I had that motivation! :)

  3. Girl, you need to give me some of that running motivation, haha!!!! Hope your game goes well :)