Bummer, Running, and Basketball!

Unfortunately, both of the bathing suits I posted this morning are now out of my size. Figures... Oh well, not like I need one right now anyway. I have time to keep looking:) Thanks for all of ya'lls helpful comments!! I really appreciate it:)

My run today was GREAT!! The weather was so nice, and the breeze felt great. I decided to try to up my mileage and ended up running 2.6 miles! Yay! I was also running faster than my last couple of runs, about a 9:50 min mile, according to my Garmin. I am very happy with that. When I got back, I also did a little ab work. I am really enjoying a lot of the running blogs that I have found. They are so motivating!!

March Madness is GREAT! I have been watching it all day:). I'm sad Tennessee lost because I had them winning but that was a really good game! My bracket isn't looking too bad either. So far I did pretty well with my pics.

What is everyone doing tonight?? I am having dinner with the girls at one of our usual spots, Old Venice! YUM! Hope everyone is having a HAPPY FRIDAY!!


  1. March Madness is in the air, haha!!!!!! Hope you had a fabulous evening, have a GREAT weekend!!! :O)

  2. Yay for March Madness!!

    Glad to hear about your run! I really need to get back into a better running routine!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Yay! Looks like you're getting out there longer! Good job.

  4. Oh my gosh, we had a blast!

    When it comes to studying...I need all the luck I can get! I just can't seem to get motivated!