Why I never buy ice cream and swap stuff!!

I forgot the reason I never buy ice cream.... because I eat 2 bowls at a time! I bought some cookie dough ice cream at the store today and could not just eat one bowl after dinner, I had to go back for a second. No wonder I haven't bought ice cream in a long time!

I meant to post this a couple days ago but have been busy! So here is what I got from the springtime swap from the lovely LAUREN KELLY!!!

So cute, right?!? Thanks girl! Hope you like your stuff:)


  1. Oh, how cute is that. I can totally relate to why you don't buy ice cream. I feel the same way about hershey kisses. At least you run regularly so when you do eat two bowls in one sitting you won't see the effect.

  2. At least you run religiously! Cute stuff, Lauren did great!!

  3. cute stuff. i cant wait to get mine.. i'm still waiting :(

  4. Very cute! I have such a love for ice cream...can't have it in my house either!

  5. I am a HUGE ice cream fan...it is my weakness. Cookie dough and cookies and creme are my favorites. Sounds like you work out a lot like me, so a little (or a lot) of ice cream every now and then won't kill us.