Rascal Flatts concert and Friday

The Rascal Flatts concert was AMAZING last night! Probably the best concert I have ever been to! They played so many old songs with a good mix of new ones. There was not a song I wanted them to play that they didn't. So, if this concert is coming to your city, definitely go! It is SO worth it! Jessica Simpson opened up for them and lets just say...AWFUL! She didn't sing very well, made crazy faces while she was singing, wore a hideous outfit, and was so ditsy!! I know she is know for being an airhead and I have watched probably every episode of Newlyweds, but she is worse in real life! Ugh, I was so ready for her to get off that stage! I used to really like her music but am not loving her country music at all. She sang a few of her old songs and tried to "twang" them up to sound more country. Big mistake!! But Rascal Flatts made up for her performance 100%! Definitely go see them!! Their new cd comes out April 7th, can't wait! Here are some pics from the concert:

Me and Patti waiting for the show to start!

We had really good seats!

They had an awesome stage and effects!

This is what they closed with!

Moving on, I have been very busy today!! I got up, ran outside, then did legs and abs. I ran 1 1/4 mile today! I know, not very far but much farther than earlier this week! I'm movin up! I then went to Walmart to tackle the weed and feed situation again. For those of you who have not read that story, click here. So apparently they now have smaller bags of weed and feed, ones that I could actually lift! So I purchased those and used the spreader to spread over my front and back yard. Then I decided I wanted to make Red Velvet Cake Balls again to bring to work with me in the morning! So as of now, I am waiting for those to harden in the refrigerator. So my day has been full! Looking forward to making dinner and relaxing with a glass of wine tonight! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had fun! Yay, Jessica Simpson has def. seen her day.

  2. That sucks that Jessica is that bad. I want for her to do good, but looks like she just can't anymore. I'm glad you had a good time. Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. i used to love jessica. and now.. not so much. i agree 100% with ya. i am sending out your cards tomorrow. so as soon as you get them let me know :)

  4. Oh Jessica...ever since you left Nick life has gone nothing but down hill for you honey.

    Not surprised at all that she sucked actually.
    Glad to hear you had a fun time though!

    Have you posted the recipe for the red velvet balls or did I just miss it? if not please do share. Sound yummy

  5. I really hope Jessica Simpson doesn't dissapoint. No, Rascall Flatts won't be there :o( Glad you had a GOOD time!!! :o)

  6. P.S.
    Obviously I don't know how to type today. Sorry!!!! :o)

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert!

  8. I heard that jessica simpson was BAD... I got tickets to see Chris tomlin at the end of the month... yipee

  9. Sounds like a fun weekend! Hope you have a great week!

  10. i love Rascal Flatts! It's probably the best concert I've been to!