Running on Wednesday

I did decide to tough it out and run outside today! I went 1.5 miles without stopping, which is what I had planned on! It was tough though. I hate the cold and the wind and they were conspiring against me today! Plus, I could feel my sore muscles from my soccer game last night! I am always sore the day after soccer, guess I don't use the same muscles as I usually do to play soccer! I also did some ab work after I ran. Unfortunately, it looks like I might be running on the treadmill tomorrow because we have a winter weather advisory. But you never know, it might be fine outside tomorrow! I guess I will just wait and see!!


  1. Good for you! It was rough out today especially since I was so easily getting used to the warm weather!!

  2. Keep it up! Ugh, I went today and thought my hands were going to fall off they were so cold!

  3. I'm proud of your dedication :o)

  4. I ran a mile and a half a couple of times with Matt and I thought I was going to die. Literally. The fastest I ran it was like 18 minutes. AWFUL.