Tuesday and Wednesday!!

Happy LATE St. Patty's day to everyone!!! I was too busy at work yesterday to post and didn't end up getting home until 1am last night from the post soccer game festivities!! We had a GREAT game last night! We won! I think the score was 4-1 or 5-1. I lost track after about the 3rd goal! Haha. We then went to our usual post game spot, East End Grille, and had dinner and drinks! Yum!! It was so much fun!!(Obviously, I didn't get home until 1am, I never do that!)

I was a little nervous to do my run today because my left knee is hurting from my game last night. I probably just twisted it wrong, but hurts to walk. It's more of a "tight" feeling, especially when I get up after I've been sitting. But since we have the MOST PERFECT weather today, I decided to give it a shot! I ended up running my planned 2 miles and the knee didn't hurt once while I was running! Yay! It hurts now, but I did my run and that's all that matters! Haha. I'm sure it will be better by tomorrow. I also did some ab work, 200 crunches. I don't do straight crunches, I mix it up. Some on the ground,n some on the ball, some for my obliques, etc. It always makes me sore the next day!

Tonight I am going to The Grizzlies game with my mom! I am very excited, I love Basketball. And speaking of basketball, I need to fill out my bracket before tomorrow! Yay for March Madness! Memphis is going all the way! Since I am working tomorrow, I will have the games on in my pts rooms so I can watch! Haha. That's what we did last year too!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT day and enjoying this beautiful SPRING weather!