A few words about The Bachelor

This isn't going to be long since I know everyone watched the 3 hour episode of The Bachelor tonight! I am very disappointed in what happened! I was so excited when he picked Melissa, they seemed so genuinely happy, brought a tear to my eye. Then, what came on the After the Final Rose show was seriously appalling! I mean, I understand he is following his heart and all but was it really necessary to dump Melissa on TV? I don't think so! Evil is more like it!! I'm glad Melissa gave it to him like he deserved! He was lucky Molly still felt the same way about him! I do hope they are happy, I just don't like the way things went on, makes me very sad and heart broken for Melissa! What are ya'lls thoughts??


  1. I was completely shocked by the outcome. Some things are NOT meant for TV and this was one of them!!!

  2. I couldn't agree more! There was no need to do that all on TV. Too bad that's three hours wasted. Ha!

  3. Oh my word! There isn't enough box here for me to state all my opinions about what happened tonight! I think it was completely uncalled for to be on national television. I wish Molly would have said she would have no part of him....she is clearly choice B, but if she wants to be that then fine!

  4. Ahh! What a show. My jaw was definitely on the floor when I was watching the after show. Craziness.

  5. I think it was very tacky for ABC to air that!

  6. I could not agree more. I watched Kimmel after the show and he said that he had to break up with her on live tv. I guess it has to do with the contract he signed, saying his relationship would all be on tv. Pretty crappy if you ask me, I love Melissa!

  7. I have not ever watched this show- but apparently everyone else in the world does and everyone was ill about it today at work.

  8. hi niki! thanks so much for your sweet comment. :) have a wonderful day!!

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