Soccer in the rain!!

I had so much fun tonight playing soccer in the rain!! We ended up winning too!! It is so fun to have a reason to actually be out playing in the rain! And it wasn't a cold rain either!! I played very well, am pretty proud of myself! I got a lot of playing time too so my body is very tired from running and soccer in one day!! But a good tired of course... :)

When I was driving home tonight, there were frogs everywhere!! How could I notice frogs as I was driving home you may ask? Because they were jumping up right in front of my car! And I am talking like at least 20 frogs jumping up in front of my car on the way home! And a family of deer decided to cross right in the middle of the road too! Good thing I am a good driver and know when to slam my brakes on! Haha. Guess the rain brings out the animals!!


  1. Seriously, frogs? that's hilarous! Where do you play soccer at?

  2. Hey Girl in answer to your question When you do your circuit training, how long do you do the lunges, crunches, etc. in between the 2 min sprints. when I do circut training I do about 20 lunges squats of each. and 50 crunches, and 15 pushups. its all over the place. check my blog tomorrow for a fun bootcamp challenge!

  3. Ew! Did you hit any frogs?
    I loved playing soccer in the rain! Its the best to get dirty and kick some ass!

  4. How scary is that? A deer coming out in front of your car. When I lived in Texas I swerved to miss a deer and totaled my car. I am from Phoenix and there are no deer here so I had no idea what to do. Maybe I'm just a bad driver but deer totally scare me now. Congrats on the win in the rain last night.

  5. Frogs? That is crazy!