Morning Eats!!

I have recently started reading some running blogs, and let me tell you, PURE MOTIVATION!!! One in particular, NHerShoes, has great running, workout and healthy eating advice! Ya'll should check it out!! So, every morning she always makes this awesome bowl of oats! I see the pics and my mouth just waters! So I thought I would try to create some oats similar to hers! I don't have all the stuff she uses and of course it's different every day but here is my take and I thought I would share!!

This morning I used:
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup H2O
granola on top
dash of vanilla extract
pinch of brown sugar
It was a pretty good mix! I have also used almond butter and yogurt in my oats and that's very yummy too! The almond milk is a new discovery and is very yummy in my oats!!
I am trying to get on a healthier kick, more whole foods, less processed and lots of veggies!! I have no problem with eating a bunch of fruit but veggies is where I tend to lack!! You can definitely tell the difference when you eat all the right food for your body!! What healthy foods do ya'll like to eat??


  1. Everyone who blogs about good and healthy food should come over to my apartment and cook for me!
    Everything sounds yummy