I am so motivated this morning to clean! Why you may ask?? Because my house is a wreck!! And it's not all from me, the BF is very messy whenever he is here! I have confined his stuff to one of the guest bedrooms which will now be "his man room" but it still seems messy everywhere! I am not going to attempt to even enter his man room! Haha. But I have tackled the kitchen and dishwasher, cleaned out the pantry and refridgerator, and am currently working on loads after loads of laundry! I still need to do both bathrooms and all the floors. At least I am off for 3 days!!

Not to mention my yard. It looks awful! I didn't know weeds could grow so much. I put the weed killer down this fall and they still grew. I put the weed killer down about 2 weeks ago and they didn't die, they keep growing! Help! Does anyone know what else I can do?? I am planning on mowing it tomorrow so they don't look so bad, but I am hoping this is the right thing to do. I really don't want to shell out the $$ for a lawn service so any ideas or suggestions would be wonderful! I would post a pic but it's too embarrassing! Haha.

Sadie is also VERY stinky and needs a bath!! That will be done later today after I run and take her for a walk. I am trying to plan out meals for the week so I only have to hit the grocery store once a week. Last week worked out well but I still bought too much food! I am bad about that and end up having to throw a bunch of stuff away! I guess practice makes perfect!! I will post later on about my run today. Hope everyone has a GREAT Monday!!


  1. I actually really love to clean sometimes. The finished product always makes me feel so proud...of course until 2 days later when it looks like a mess again.

    Have fun with that!

  2. Whoa, manic monday. Your a busy girl. I love me a clean house though. I kind of like to clean. It's therapeutic (sp?). Enjoy your cleanliness.