Monday, monday

I ran another 2 miles again today:) It was a hillier route and I ran it 30 seconds faster than yesterday. According to my Garmin, I averaged a 10:15 pace, not too bad just coming back! I ran my half marathon a couple years ago at a 9:45 pace and I would like to get back there. We'll see... After my run, I did a strength workout (arms and legs) and some abs. My arms were so tired afterwards I could barely hold my blow dryer up to blow dry my hair! Haha. Tomorrow I work all day then have a soccer game so that will be my work out for the day!

I am looking forward to St. Patty's day tomorrow! I normally could care less about this holiday but after our soccer games we go out and eat/drink so I'm sure it will be extra fun tomorrow night!

I am totally loving my car but not excited that my insurance went up. That's not fun!

Tomorrow at work is going to totally suck. We are switching from paper charting to computer charting and it is going to be awful! Ya'll are probably thinking, computer charting sounds like it would be better, but it's definitely not! When you have a sick pt., it's a lot easier to bring your paper chart around with you, to MRI, CT, etc. And in emergency situations, it is so much easier to jot stuff down on paper than it is to log in and find the right place to type it out. It is just going to cause us to write our stuff on paper and then take it to a computer and chart it. Ugh. This will be the death of me, I just know it! Haha, but I did make cookies to bring to work tomorrow so maybe it won't be so bad... Hope everyone is having a great Monday! What is everyone watching on TV tonight??


  1. I admire your dedication to runnign and working out. I wishing I could do all that! I try, I guess that counts some!

  2. Good job on the run and workouts! Keep it up! I love this time of year! It just makes me SO motivated! Cookies!! Yum! I'm trying soooo hard not to "cheat" on my diet. This week I told myself I will not put one thing in my mouth that isn't good for my body. We'll see how that goes!

  3. Good job on the workout. You will be back to where you were before in no time. I will be watching Dancing with the Stars tonight. This is the first season that I've ever watched and I think I like it. Do you watch that show?