Another short and sweet one!

Hey ya’ll! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I am exhausted! Guess this busy and hectic first week of school has finally caught up with me! So here is a quick update of my day!!

  • First Anatomy class this morning went really well! I love all my classmates!!
  • Since I am caught up on all my reading I had the rest of today (and tomorrow) off from school work! Yea!!
  • Went over to my parents house and hung out with them and my brother and his girlfriend.
  • His crazy puppy, Lexie, likes to harass Sadie! I feel so bad for my pup! She runs for dear life when this puppy is around! Hopefully they will get used to each other soon!


This is Lexie. She is super cute but wild and crazy!!

  • Made home made chocolate cookies from scratch and ate way to much cookie dough! That’s my favorite part. And I may or may not have just eaten 2 cookies! Ha!
  • Went and ate Japanese with my parents. Tomorrow is their 29th wedding anniversary!!
  • Fixin to go to bed. I am super tired!!

No running was on the schedule for today. Back at it tomorrow!! Goodnight!


  1. I have been CRAVING Japanese food for some reason. And I'm glad that you like your classmates :) Mmm cookie dough, thanks for giving me the idea to do some baking today! Perhaps cookies ????? Poor Sadie, how can any dog be a bully to a cute face like that, haha.