Holy Humidity!!

It stormed early this morning which now makes for a super humid day!! I stepped outside about 6:15 to do a quick 3 miler and it was instant hotness! Yuck! I think my ponytail got poofy instantly from the awful humidity! Needless to say I was so sweaty when I got home!!

I had a good, pretty hard 3 mile run. I was so hot and ready to be finished I kept pushing myself faster and faster which makes for a nice negative split run!!

3 Miles: 29:09

1st mile: 10:35

2nd mile: 9:48

3rd mile: 8:44!!

Avg. pace: 9:42

I was VERY happy about this run!! Now if this pace could only be my long run pace… Hopefully some day sooner rather than later if I keep on like I am now!

On the schedule for today:

  • Church with the family
  • Possible lunch or ice cream date with my BFF before she goes back home to St. Louis
  • Possible lay out time by the pool if the sun comes out
  • Soccer tonight at 5- I may skip depending on how I am feeling/what my plans are… I know, bad Niki!
  • Hopefully spending some time with my love:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! I am really enjoying my weekend with no school work!! What are ya’ll doing today?


  1. Awesome timing on that 3rd mile, you go girl! Hope you are having fun NOT doing schoolwork :)

  2. Humidity and I are like oil and water. We don't mix. Great job girl.

  3. nice job on the run!
    i will be headin back to the gym tomorrow, i always take weekends off;)
    have a sunday funday!

  4. Good job on the run - those are some great negative splits!

  5. Great job on teh negative split! Love when that happens!