Man my title’s are so creative… ha! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday! Mine has been rather tedious. I feel like I’ve been doing a lot but really haven’t got much accomplished! I hate that feeling!!

I had a blast yesterday at Al’s sister’s house. The niece’s are precious!! One is going into 3rd grade and is beautiful and the other is 8 weeks old and tiny!! She has the reddest hair, just like Al and his sister!! Beautiful girls! So excited they will be my nieces also in less than a year!! His brother in law grilled the biggest pork chops and steaks I’ve ever seen! All the food was fabulous!! Can’t wait to go hang out with them again soon!!

My tummy has been feeling icky for the past 2 days. I think I know the culprit. I ate one of those Yoplait digestive yogurts yesterday for lunch and I think that’s what did it! My stomach is VERY sensitive to anything with added fiber or digestive stuff. Ugh. Should have known!! So I decided to change my long run from today to tomorrow due to yucky tummy and am glad I did!! It’s been feeling a lot better throughout the day! Looking forward to my 6 miler in the morning!

I did some strength training and took Sadie for a nice walk today. I also went grocery shopping and was surprised how much food I got for $130! I know that seems like a lot for just 2 of us but normally it is almost $200! I think buying mostly fruits, veggies, meats, and less packaged foods cuts down the price a lot!! I have some yummy meals to cook this week! I am thinking that these groceries will probably last a little longer than a week. I always run out of fruit first because I am a fruitaholic! Ha! Which items do you go through first? How much is your usual weekly grocery bill? (if you would like to share).

Going to cadaver lab tonight! YIKES! Makes me kinda nervous! This is our first one so I will let ya’ll know how it goes!! I am not to fond of dead bodies…


  1. I shop just for myself so I spend about $150 bi weekly depending on how much I eat out. I eat a lot of chicken and salads, but love to go all out and make a nice dinner about 2x's a month for me and the beau.. so it just depends :)

  2. You don't like dead bodies? hahah, ew neither do it! Sorry about your stomach, I'm sure you'll get back on track.
    BTW, I must have been absent from your blog for a while, but I noticed that you are engaged. CONGRATS :) If you have been for a while, so I am just oblivious

  3. I always run out of bananas first, because I have one every single morning! That isn't too much for two people, good job! Haha :) Ohhh and now we know that the wedding is within the next year, how exciting!!!

  4. Being that I recently just started being out on my own I'm still trying to figure out this grocery thing and what works for me. I need to start planning meals for the week!! :)

  5. WOAH. A cadaver lab?!? Can't wait to hear about that!