Strength Wednesday

No running for me today! It’s all arm, leg, and ab work! Woohoo! The best part about this, in my opinion, is I can get up and be lazy for a little while, eat some breakfast, and just relax not needing to worry about how hot it is outside since I do my strength routine inside! That being said, Sadie woke me up at 5:30 and then again at 7:30. Geez, the dog does not know how to sleep in! So I got up, lazed around, ate brekkie, and headed out to take her for a mile walk. When I got back I did my strength workout. Think it was about 25-30 mins and I just did random stuff, no specific plan. My arms are really feeling it now though!

Unfortunately, yesterday after I posted that I was going shopping, the AC company I had called decided they were going to come and check out my AC that day. I was planning on them coming today but whatever. It wasn’t anything major, just my AC wasn’t cooling my house during the day as much as it should have been and needed a little freon. Good thing for that home warranty! So I ended up going shopping late afternoon and wasn’t really into it so I found nothing. The laptop bag I was specifically going for was too small. I have an issue finding one I like. My laptop is the widescreen one, 17 inches I think, and I really wanted the Vera Bradley laptop case but it’s too small. So I was just going to buy a Vera Bradley bag but the one I thought would work was too small and the others are huge! So I am still currently trying to decided what I am going to do about that! And there were no school clothes to be found:( Maybe I will try again later today.

Plans for today mostly include laying by the pool! Yea! And maybe a little shopping:)

I got an email from my manager at work today that said he was able to FINALLY get the PRN position approved for me!! This means I will be able to work twice a month or more if school allows for some extra cash! Yay!! I have been hoping that this would work out!

And lastly, tomorrow is Al and I’s 7 years anniversary! Yay!! Not sure what we will be doing, nothing too exciting because I am going out of town the next day and he has to work tomorrow. But 7 years! Wow, time sure does fly!! I will put up some fun pics of us through the years tomorrow!

For those of you who are married, how long were you with your significant other before you got married? For those of you not married, how long have you been with your significant other?? I think 7 years is unusually long without getting married but we were in high school when we met! Ha! Hopefully that ring will be coming VERY soon!!


  1. Happy 7 years! That is awesome!
    And yay for laying by the pool!

  2. 7 years - thats awesome!! Congrats!

    I love when I do strength workouts, too because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want :)

    Have fun by the pool - jealous!

  3. 7 years is a while! Dustin and I are about to be at 6! So, I know exactly how you feel. Ha!

  4. Wow! 7 Years! Congrats, that is so exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your ring!

  5. Happy Happy Anniversary :)

  6. Congrats on 7 tears! My husband and I were married on our five year anniversary.

  7. Happy anniversary! Girl, my fiance and I will be ENGAGED longer than we were dating, haha, so don't even worry about it! Plus you were in high school some of the time.

    Have a good strength training day! :)

  8. Awwww, Happy Anniversary!!! :O)