Sucky run this morning!

I got up late this morning, around 6:45. Should have stayed up when Sadie got me up at 5:30. So it all started out wrong. It was hot and super humid when I started out. YUCK. I can’t wait until fall weather and NO humidity! Ya’ll just remind me of how much I hate the heat when I am complaining of the freezing cold winter temps! Ha! I had planned just an easy 4 miler but of course this just wasn’t in the cards for me today!

My foot started hurting the moment my feet touched the ground this morning. Not more than usual though so I thought my run would still be possible. Well, once I started running, it hurt, and it normally doesn’t. So about a half mile into my run, when the pain usually subsides and it wasn’t at all, I turned around and headed home. I noticed I was changing my form because of my foot pain and that’s not good! I also would rather rest it today and be able to do my long run later this week because that run is more important to me than my smaller mileage runs. So that being said, I finished 1 mile and am now currently icing and elevating as I type. The funny thing is though, at the 1 mile marker, the pain was a lot less than when I started. Figures. I plan on taking Sadie for a walk in a bit but the rest of the day will be devoted to studying and resting my foot!! Megan suggested looking at runners world to find different ways to tie my shoe laces and that might help. I hope this is what it is and I am off to search runners world!!

Be ready for some EXCITING news later on in the day!!


  1. Ohhh I wonder what that EXCITING news could be??! Now I am curious! HOpe your foot feels better :)

  2. Sorry things didn't go well for you this morning. I hope your foot feels better!

  3. Girl, don't keep us in suspense, haha!! :)

  4. Sorry you didn't get in a good run - I think it's key to stop when your gait changes, because then you know for sure something's wrong, and it's going to hurt an additional part of your body as well.