Great 4 Miler!!

I had a wonderful 4 mile run this morning! I usually do my runs of longer than 3 miles out by my parents house because there are more options of where to run! But, I decided I need to start doing longer runs by my house  since I am fixin to start school and will have less time to drive out there and run. Anyway, I discovered some new neighborhoods today. I think it’s so fun to run and discover new areas of town!!  I was proud of myself for doing negative splits again!!

Avg Pace- 10:20

Mile 1- 10:44

Mile 2- 10:28

Mile 3- 10:16

Mile 4- 9:50

So the pre-training plan I made last week has worked out really good for me this week! I did all the workouts I had planned so far. I am moving my hill run to tomorrow instead of Saturday so I can relax at the lake and go wakeboarding super early Saturday morning! We are leaving after my run in the morning to head back up to the lake for the 4TH! Yay!!

Question Time: When you do hill repeats, do you count your recovery on the down hills into your total mileage for the run? I have a great hill to do some hill repeats on tomorrow!!

I will be back later on to post pics of Al and I through the years! Happy 7 year Anniversary babe!! I love you:)


  1. Ooooh, can't wait to see pics!

  2. Ok I think I'm too late on the hill advice but I'll throw it out there anyway. I do count the recovery time in my overall mileage - the reason is that when I started running I used the Couch-2-5K program which meant walking. I still walk, I just call it the Galloway method now so it sounds more official. Anyway, I want to be able to compare my overall times and distances to those run in the past, so I have to count them the same way. I know that I ran the 4x1600 portion or whatever harder, and can see if my overall time improves that way too. Also, your time and distance still counts if you walk during a race! Hope that makes sense...

    Congrats on running a further distance closer to home - you'll be amazed at all the things you find that you never knew were there! And you're the cutest southern girl ever with "I am fixin to start school" that made me smile :)