It’s hard to take a day off…

Hello friends!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday morning! Unfortunately it is rainy and stormy here… blah. But luckily I can stay inside all day and study. Wohoo… Ha!

I actually did go and play my soccer game last night and was really happy I did! I miss my soccer friends!! We won and I had a lot of fun!

Today was supposed to be another 3 miler for me. Unfortunately there are 2 things working against me.

  1. The weather. If it was just raining I would go for it. But it is lightning and thundering. And the skies stay black even when it’s not thundering and lightning so I just know if I headed out for my run it would start storming when I was far away from home! And, I would rather rearrange my schedule so I can run outside another day than run on the treadmill today! Ha!
  2. The pain in the top of my foot. I have been having this weird pain on the top of my foot for about 2 weeks now. It hurts mainly right on top of that bone that sticks out. Not sure what the bone is called, we haven’t got to the skeletal system in anatomy yet! Ha! Anyway, it hurts mainly in the morning when I first get up, when I walk, and after runs. Not during runs though which is why I haven’t cut my running back! Well, soccer makes it hurt worse too, I’m sure from all the stopping and starting while I run. I don’t remember doing anything to it that would make it sore. I wasn’t even able to wear my ankle brace during my soccer game yesterday because the brace falls right on that bone and made it hurt! So needless to say it’s hurting a little this morning. But I’m sure I would head out for a run if it wasn’t storming! So it doesn’t hurt THAT bad. But, I’m not sure if continuing to run on it is the smartest thing! But I don’t think it’s to the point where I need to go to the Dr. to get it checked out. I am currently icing it. I googled it and there really wasn’t anything that fit my symptoms exactly. I don’t think it’s tendonitis because that would hurt with running. It could be a bone spur possibly but my bone on the top of my foot has always been that prominent! Maybe my shoes are tied too tight?? Don’t think so but I will make sure that they are looser from now on. So who really knows what’s going on… Like I said, it hasn’t really limited my running ability yet.

That being said, has anyone ever experienced this type of pain before on the top of their foot?? I feel like such a slacker taking today off from running especially since it was scheduled as a running day. That’s what get’s me when I train. I get really down if I have to miss a day of running and it’s really hard for me to take days off! Not sure why I’m like that! I am going to keep icing it and probably do a strength training workout later. If the skies ever clear I may take Sadie for a walk too. I have lots of studying to do also! I am currently working on Pharmacology. Learning about drugs and alcohol poisoning! How is everyone else's day going??


  1. I totally agree about reagrangin to NOT have to run on the suckmill. I have never expereinced that kind of pain before. I hope you can pin point it before it starts affecting yoour running.

  2. Sorry to hear about the foot pain :(
    I hope it goes away!!

  3. I hope your feet feel better :-( I wish I had some advice. Knee pain? I'm your go to, but feet, not so much!

  4. I'd say thunder and lightening is a good reason to not go running! And it may be hard, but you can always make it up later in the week :) oh and this may sound really stupid, but I had that same foot problem and it was because I was tying my shoes too tight!! It was right over the bone in my foot...this might not help, but I gotta offer something :)

  5. I think there is a way you can tie your shoes differently to relieve the pain... check! I've seen it somewhere, I can try and look for you.