Carbolicious dinner and new dessert!

This afternoon’s snack was 1 cup Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.


150 calories

For dinner I had leftover spaghetti my mom sent home with me from the lake, with 2 pieces of garlic bread and some sliced cucumbers! It was very yummy but I wasn’t that full after eating it! I knew dessert was in my future!!


For dessert I made something new that I have seen on a few different food blogs. It’s home made frozen banana custard. And the only ingredient is a banana!! I just froze 1 sliced banana, threw it in the food processor for a few minutes and viola! A creamy, yummy, frozen banana custard! It really is life changing! Ya’ll must try this!!


It was so smooth and creamy!!

And of course I had to put some Naturally More PB on it since I am addicted. Plus I love the combination of PB and bananas! Double YUM!!


Now I’m super full!! My dinner plus dessert ran me a total of 800 calories. That puts me at a total of 1690 calories for the day. Sounds good to me!!

Not sure what the weather is supposed to do tomorrow. All I know is that I need to get a run in but there is NO WAY I am running on the treadmill! I just can’t make myself do it! Way too boring!! Back to class in the morning…

I’ve been doing a lot of wedding research today, kinda stressful, but fun!! I need to work on my guest list so I can call about pricing and wedding planners for the specific locations (I have a few in mind)! Did any of ya’ll have wedding planners?? Were they super helpful?? I think with a destination wedding it is very important to have a planner there who knows the vendors and venues to use!! If anyone has any suggestions for good venues in the Florida panhandle area, please let me know!!


  1. I didn't use a wedding planner. Just myslef. One tip that I did and wish everyone would do - send out save the date cards asap! Especially if its summer and or a desitnation wedding. People need to know not to schedule things and start saving $ if they need to travel.

    Hope that helps.