Finally Friday!!

Almost the weekend! Yay!! I start my anesthesia class this morning, I’m a little nervous!! I got up at 5am to run this morning. I had originally planned a tempo run, however that’s not what I did. Apparently it is still pitch black at 5am. I thought the sun was usually up by then but guess I’m wrong!! I contemplated my run because I am really nervous to run in the dark and theres no way I am doing a 5 mile tempo run on the treadmill. NO WAY. So I decided to be brave and head outside. Well I didn’t even make it to the end of my street before I decided this wasn’t a good idea. I was so freaked out, I couldn’t even turn my music on because I was afraid someone was going to come up behind me!! Now, I live in a very safe town and this would probably NEVER happen, but I’ve seen way too many CSI and Law and Order TV shows!! So, yes, I am a scardy cat:)

So ,I came back in and decided to do a shorter run on the treadmill. I would be happy with doing 3 good, fast miles on the treadmill but even that is a stretch! I usually last about 15 mins before I am SO BORED I give up! Well today I did do 3 miles! I warmed up for 1 mile than played a game for the last 2. I would go up on the speed by 0.1 increment every minute to a certain speed then come back down and do it again! It was tough but made it more exciting than running the same pace! Plus I got to push myself super hard! I was so hot and sweaty when I finished!! It felt great. I was able to take Sadie on a quick 20 minute walk since I finished my run earlier than I planned and she really liked that!!

We had some awful storms yesterday while I was in class. I got to class and it was sprinkling, and the next thing I know the tornado sirens were going off in the middle of class!! We all just sat there and continued on like it was nothing! Ha!! Luckily the tornado wasn’t by school. Unfortunately, it did hit right where my car was parked since I rode with a classmate to class! But my car was fine! It did take us FOREVER to get to my car because they had all the roads closed! Ugh. When I finally made it home, I was very sad to see that one of my crepe myrtles had cracked and fell over:( So sad, lost a tree.

Well I gotta get to class!! Hope everyone has a Fab Friday!!


  1. I'm glad you and the car survived the storm, girl!

    I so wish we could run together. You'd give me the motivation I need!!!

    Happy Friday!!!! :)

  2. I'm a scaredy cat, too! Ha!

  3. Sorry about the tree. I was at the school working registration scared!!


  5. One of my patients yesterday kept telling me about how she used to work in a prison...then continued to tell me about how some of the rapists got their victims. I was so scared to walk to my car and house on the way home!

    Way to trick yourself with the treadmill! Gotta make it fun somehow!

  6. Sounds like you make the right call. Have a great weekend!

  7. Hehe. I'm that way too! I watch wayyy too much First 48 or Cold Case Files when I'm at Jasons and it makes me paranoid! Glad your car was reminds me of the time that I was doing my internship at the hospital last semester and the fire alarm went off but my teacher just kept on teaching and didn't even acknowledge it! I was sitting there thinking I would burn to death lol