Freak out Friday!

I had a melt down today. Why you may ask? Because the financial aid people at my school decided to cancel my student loan and not tell me until I called today to see when I was getting it. I freaked out! How was I supposed to live on no income?? Well after a lot of tears and conversations with my parents and more financial aid people, I got it all worked out! Whew! I don't need anymore stress in my life right now! School is enough! Moving on to better topics...

I had a GREAT run this morning! I had 4 miles on the plan and I set my alarm for 5:30 am so I could do it before class and to beat the heat! It was one of those days that I really just wanted to turn my alarm off and lay in bed another hour. I felt so tired! I rarely have these days, I normally just jump out of bed when my alarm goes off, so I seriously considered listening to my body and staying in bed. But, I talked myself into getting up and I'm sure glad I did!! I did 4 miles on mostly hills at a 10:22min/mile pace which I am pretty happy with! It felt comfortable. Not too hard, but not as easy as my long run pace. I also had negative splits! Yay! I don't have my Garmin with me at the moment so I can't post mile splits but I promise it was a negative split run! I love how I always feel so great after my runs! That's why I love running so much!

Tonight I am going out to dinner with my BFF McKenleigh who surprised me by coming in town tonight! Yay! We are going to Sushi too which I love!! Anyone have any fun weekend plans?? Tomorrow I have a class in the morning, Anatomy, and then will probably spend the rest of the day studying. But Sunday is the day I decided to take completely off from school so I imagine I will go to church, lay by the pool, and then go to soccer that evening! Sounds perfect to me!!


  1. Sorry about the financial aid drama - I know how stressful that can be! (they really never make it easy on us do they?!)

  2. Holy crap, I would freak out too!! It's really hard to pay for school right out of the pocket (trust me, I KNOW!) Thank goodness you got that sorted out!