Rainy Thursday!!

Good morning friends!! It is storming here this morning. And I am loving it! Makes for a relaxing, lazy day!! Since I have been resting my tendonitis foot, there was no need to stress about when to run today since I am taking it easy!! It feels a little better today so I think taking a short break from running is doing it some good!! I am planning on taking tomorrow and possibly Saturday off, depending how my foot feels, and then hopefully back into the running swing of things by Sunday!! I am missing it more and more each day!!!

I am SUPER sore from the Jillian Michaels workout I did yesterday! Wow! My arms, legs, butt, and abs!! She worked them all!! So, I thought I might try out some yoga from Exercise TV this morning! I am totally LOVING the Exercise TV and all the free workouts!! So I chose to do The Biggest Loser Fat Burning Yoga. It was tough, especially since I have NO flexibility and am sore!! I was shaking during a lot of the moves!! Since that was only about a 30 minute workout, I decided to choose something else too. My second workout was Cardioke!! It was so awesome!! It is a workout by Billy Blanks Jr. (you know, the tae bo guy, it’s his son.) And it’s basically a dance party with karaoke!! They put the words up on the screen and everything for you! A couple of the songs you just follow him along and dance, and then you learn a whole routine and do the Cardioke Slide!! I can’t tell you how much fun I had and I was sweating like crazy and out of breath! It was a wonderful cardio workout! So ya’ll definitely should check this out!! Sadie thought I was nuts dancing and jumping all around my living room! Ha!

So since I am engaged now (YAY!!) I will probably be posting some wedding stuff too!! I do NOT enjoy planning anything! Ha! I am probably the least creative person ever! So I will need all the advice/ideas I can get!! One of the reasons I chose a destination wedding is because I will get to have a wedding planner who carries out all the decisions I make! Sounds wonderful to me!! Even though I hate planning stuff, I am totally looking forward to planning my wedding and I know I am going to have a blast!! So question time…

Does anyone have any creative ways to ask your friends to be bridesmaids/ maid of honor?? I want to do something cute but as I said before, I am NOT creative!! The only thing is, all the girls, except 1, that I plan on asking live in other states!! So I can’t just get them all together and ask them or anything like that. And I just wanted to do something more fun than a phone call! So please help me with some fun ideas!!!

And second question…

Did anyone have a maid and matron of honor?? I am not really up on the wedding etiquette so I’m not sure if this is something other people do! But I am planning on doing it anyway!! And if you did have both, did one have more responsibilities than the other?? Like showers, bachelorette parties, wedding day stuff, etc. Or how did they split the responsibilities?? Just some things I’ve been thinking about!! Hope ya’ll have a fabulous THURSDAY!!


  1. OKay, I'm totally sorry, but I've only been to one wedding in my life, and it was when I was nine :) So can't help you there! Bwhwhahahahaha..I didn't even know Billy Blanks had a son! It's so hilarious that his son does workout dvd's too. I used to own Billy Blanks tae bo video (on VHS) when I was a middle schooler, lol

  2. My friend asked me to be her maid of honor by writing a poem about our friendship (things we'd done together, how we met, etc) and put it in a frame with pictures of us, a wedding cake, and her and her fiance. It was really cute, and you don't have to be a good poet either!

  3. The last wedding I was in I was the maid of honor and there was a matron of honor too. We split it up where I did the bachelorette party and she did a bridal shower. Then we both just kind of helped with other stuff. Hope this helps.

  4. Are you on the knot? It can be a bit overwhelming, but there's a ton of good ideas/resources for brides to be.

    RE: Maid and matron, I had both. My BFF was one, and my little sister was the other.

  5. I work at a bridal shop so if you ever need anything you can e-mail me! Like the other girls said you can have a maid and matron of honor. Just split the responsibilites evenly. As for the first question I would make cards for each of them. If you hand make them yourself, you can personalize each card for every girl! Good luck!


  6. I had a maid and matron of honor too (sister was maid, BFF was matron). I can't help with the asking thing, I was too excited to ask them to think of a fun way to do it!

  7. All this wedding stuff is soooooo exciting! I'm incredibly happy for you!

  8. I'm a bridesmaid in my BFF's wedding coming up. She asked us by giving books called "the bridesmaid guide" to each of us, with a thoughtful note inside. It was really cute, and it helped us out alot!!