Leftover Lunch!!

I love leftovers! My mom sent me home some leftovers from the lake so I incorporated that into my lunch today!! First, I had a smaller summer salad.


1 cup Spinach

1 Roma tomato

5 slices cucumber

5 black olives

3 strawberries

1 TBSP gorgonzola cheese

1TBSP Balsamic Vinaigrette

Very good salad! I made sure to eat this first so I could get all my greens in before I got full!! Onto my leftover portion of lunch…


I had about a 1 cup serving of Cheesy Hash browns that my mom made Sunday night. They were still just as yummy leftover! I only ate about 3/4 of this before getting too full. This plate looks huge but it is actually a salad plate size.

And of course, no meal(well except for breakfast) is complete without dessert!!


I had 1 mini Dark Chocolate Mr. Good bar and 1 mini Dark Chocolate crunch! Perfect size!!

So it was hard to really know the calories in my Cheesy Hash browns so I am estimating 200 for the 3/4 I ate. Ya’ll think that sounds about right?? And my salad was 130 calories along with my dessert at 75 calories, totaling me up to 405 calories for lunch. Sounds good to me!!

I did do some strength training and got out in between the rain to take Sadie for a quick 1 mile walk. I am just not in the mood to run today. Do ya’ll ever get like that??


  1. Looks so yummy! I have absolutely no will power like you do because I would have eaten ten of those candies!! For real!

  2. I get like that with exercise OTHER than running! I always look forward to having a nice, long run...but the stupid bike or elliptical is another story hehe