It’s still raining!!

Yep, that’s right…still raining. Hopefully it will clear up later. However, that means that I didn’t get a run in this morning either:( I was feeling super lazy so I didn’t really mind staying in bed! I have got to get back into the running groove!!

This mornings eats:


Green Monster and Black coffee!! Yummers!!

I tired some new things in my Green Monster this morning. It included:

1/2 cup skim milk

2 handfuls spinach

1 TBSP Naturally More PB

1/4 cup oats, uncooked- new addition!!

1 frozen banana- new addition

handful of ice

It is definitely EXTRA creamy goodness this morning!! I think the frozen banana makes it super creamy! Plus I love the taste the oats bring to it!! This breakfast is 370 calories. Hopefully it will hold me over until lunch time after class!!

Today includes class and studying:( Doesn’t sound that fun! I’m sure I will wind up looking at more wedding stuff though!! I hope everyone has a good day!!


  1. Have a GREAT day girl!!! :)

  2. well pooie on the rain!
    have a great day! hope it goes quick ;)

  3. I just can't get into green monsters...I'm going to have to try some different variations!

  4. Hi, saw you over at RunningLaur and wanted to wish you luck on your first half! Based on her review I'm giving that plan to my hubs to try out for his first half!

  5. Class and studying - have fun!

  6. I left a comment on your last post before I realized you wrote a new one. If your like me you don't check comments on previous posts.

  7. Thanks for the good idea of freezing a banana!! My smoothie this morning was room temperature...uck!