Awful Run

I had a REALLY awful run this morning. It’s so depressing when you have bad runs, but usually the good run days make up for the bad run days! I had planned on doing a long run of 6-7 miles today. Well I started my run around 6:30 this morning, had my route all planned out and everything. Once I started running, my legs felt awful. TRASHED was the word that kept coming to mind. I knew I shouldn’t have done a hard, fast 3 miler the day before a long run! Especially since I’ve been running less the past week or so to give my tendonitis time to heal. Well anyway, I was hoping once I got warmed up my legs would feel better. That didn’t happen. They just got worse and worse. I was literally ready to stop and walk by the 1 mile mark but I made a deal with myself that I needed to push it to 4 miles and then I could take tomorrow and Sunday off! It was a torturous 4 miler and I was running super slow! Ugh. At least I made it! So NOTE TO SELF: Take the day before a long run off or only run easy!!

Since I will start actually training for the December 5th St. Jude Half (anyone else running this race??) in about a month or so, I have really been thinking about training plans. I think the best thing for me, since school will definitely be taking up most of my time, is to do a 3 day plan like the FIRST plan where you have 3 solid runs and cross train or take off the other days. Not only will it fit good into my schedule, but I think it will help keep off injuries. So, I have been looking at the FIRST plan and then the Runner’s World First plan that I am also considering. Also, you can have Runner’s World Smart Coach form a plan for you very similar to these 2 plans also. So right now I’m trying to figure out which is best!! Anyone ever used any of these plans??

The rest of my day is studying for my Pharmacology exam next week (yikes!!) and making a Pound Cake for Al. He is requesting I make him this using his Grandma’s recipe! Hope it turns out good! I will post pics later after I make it!! Anyone else doing anything fun today?? I am hoping the weather is nice tomorrow so I can layout after class!!


  1. My rule is NEVER run before a long run day. After maybe, but never before. Sounds like you learned this the hard way.

    I've never tried FIRST, but heard it's tough but good. I have tried the RW smart coach and it was good. I would recommend it.

  2. So times a good run just isn't meant to happen - trust me, happens to me a lot, haha. A 3 day week sounds good for your plan, it'll make fitting things into a crazy school schedule that much easier!

  3. Sorry you had a bad run. Seems like everyone has one. Doesn't make it any better. Kick ass on your exam!

  4. Good luck with the Pharm!
    Give us that recipe!

  5. Ugh, hate those runs that just suck the whole way through! You win some, you lose week will bring better runs for you!

    good luck on the Pharmacology exam!!

  6. What you said is true - we need the bad runs to help us appreciate the good ones. I always take the day before a long run off myself. Oh, and I LOVE the FIRST plan. I shaved 26 minutes off my marathon PR when I switched to it from other plans that had me running 4-5 days a week. I don't think you can go wrong with it as long as you try to work in some cross training and other fitness stuff in, too.

  7. :( I'm sorry you had a terrible run, I hate those! But I am so glad that you didn't keep running when it kept hurting, cos that just leads to injury. Rest those legs, take a couple days off and pick it up when you feel better!! :)

  8. Sorry your run went so bad :( the FIRST plans are awesome! I used one for my half marathon and PR-ed! :D