I have been going since 6 am this morning!! I feel like I have a million things to do and not enough time to do them! It’s stressing me out because most of it has to do with school!! I had to read 70 pages of Anatomy today. That’s what I’ve been doing ALL DAY! Now, that may not sounds like a lot but remember its a huge textbook and I actually have to learn what I’m reading! Whew! Glad I got it all finished today. Tomorrow I will have to work on Pharmacology before I go to Journal Club. Not sure exactly what kind of class Journal Club will be except we are with the 2nd and 3rd year students too. I think it’s presentations and speakers and that sort of thing.

Anyway, on to my run. I plan on keeping up my running even though I am going to be SUPER busy. I just have to do it! I got up at 6am, because I wanted to sleep in a little since I’ve been up at 5am the past 2 days! I didn’t have time to drive out to my parents house so I could run the trails so I sucked it up and ran by my house. It was basically all hills! But I felt great the whole time! I was going a bit slower than usual but I’m sure it was because of the hills. I found another new route that I really enjoyed. The hills are exceptionally long, and I wasn’t sure about a whole mile being uphill but I just kept thinking, you will be going down this on your way back! So I was super stoked that I actually did the 6 miles I had planned. Tomorrow is a strength/lifting day because I need to get some rest and sleep in a little later! After my run I took Sadie for a little walk and then came back and started reading! Ha!

I’m can usually tell that I am much more hungry on days I do my longer run but not so much today! Wonder what the difference is? I also made sure to really hydrate yesterday and I felt awesome without water the whole run!! Normally all I can think about is the water fountain! Ha!

So after going to class and orientation these last 2 days and seeing how much work I’m going to have and how much time it will take up, I decided to not work at all. I just realized if I want to have a life outside of school then I won’t have time to work. I have too many other priorities like running, soccer, family time, time with Al that I would miss if I was working on my days off. No one else in my class was working and my instructor told us we SHOULD NOT be working so that convinced me! When I emailed my director this morning he was totally fine with it and said he thinks I am making the right decision and wished he had tried to talk me out trying to work while in school to begin with! So everything worked out:)

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! I am going to try to relax tonight with Al and some enchiladas and home made salsa! Yum! I also rented a movie called PUSH. Anyone ever see it? Think it just came out recently. I will let ya’ll know how it was tomorrow!


  1. clicked on your blog from laurens and wanted to say hi! I give you so much credit for getting up so early, I am not that motivated!

  2. Major props for getting up early before school! I never did that while in nursing...always had to wait until after I got home. In my accelerated BSN program, I managed to work (as a server at a restaurant), but I was probably the only person who worked during the entire program. Some people got jobs halfway through. I loooved my job though, so it didn't seem like work!

  3. My house is surrounded by hills too, but it is a good endurance workout :) Glad you were able to get a run in! Oh and ugh, I hate Anatomy!! The whole time I was in that class I was wishing the days away because that sort of thing just doesn't stick with me! Enjoy your movie :)

  4. Girl, I think you made the right decision! There's only one you and it's all about prioritizing!! :)