Hill Repeats!

Good morning ya’ll!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning so far!! Mine has started off GREAT already!!

I set out at 5:45 to do some hill repeats. There is a hill exactly one mile from my house that is about 0.25 of a mile long one way. Perfect for some hill repeats!! I ran a warm up mile there, did 4 hill repeats, and then a mile cool down home. It was a total of 4 miles and went by super fast! I love hills! When I used to do hill repeats a long time ago, I would always have to walk down the hill for recovery but this time I ran the entire thing! Yay! I get such a feeling of accomplishment when I get up super early and do my runs before most people even wake up!!

So I am off to the lake for the 4th! Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday! Looking forward to some wakeboarding tomorrow!! What plans do you have for the 4th of July??


  1. Good job girl. I did hill workouts last night. GO us!!

  2. Yay for a hilly workout! Have fun at the lake :)

  3. Have a wonderful 4th!!!!!!!! :O)