Fail :(

I’ve failed as a food blogger. I couldn’t even do it for 2 days! It takes a lot of dedication that I just don’t have right now!! So hats off to ya’ll that do it, it’s hard work!! So I guess I will just go back to my normal ramblings about life, weddings, and running and post random food items!! Ha!

I had a great run this morning!! I haven’t run in 4 days (bad Niki!) due to weather and pure laziness so I knew I needed to today. I just did a fast 3 miler because I plan on doing a longer run tomorrow. But this 3 miler was tough! I was really pushing myself faster than normal for all 3 miles!

Avg. Pace- 9:30

Mile 1: 10:02

Mile 2: 9:25

Mile 3: 9:02

I was SUPER tired and sweaty after this run but felt great!! I took Sadie on a 1 mile walk after my run so she could get her exercise too!! On to Sadie…

So we went to here yearly appt a week ago so she could get her shots, heartworm test, etc. And my poor little pup is overweight! She weighs 27 lbs and needs to weigh 22-23ish lbs. So needless to say the vet told me to put her on low fat dog food. I have been feeding her this pretty expensive food from a place called Hollywood Pet, it doesn’t have any fillers and is high in protein. But it was like $17 for a small bag! Yes, she’s spoiled. Well the vet recommended Purina brand low fat food so that’s what I bought her! So much cheaper! And I am transitioning her to her new food now, 1 scoop each, and wouldn’t you know, this crazy beagle likes the cheap, low fat food better than the full fat expensive food! Ha! She keeps trying to get into the low fat food and gobbles it up first when I feed her! Ha! Crazy pup!! Here’s some pics of the chunker.


She always sits under my chair when I’m on the computer.


This is her usual post. She guards the house from here and scouts the kitties out! Notice I have the blinds pulled up so she can see out:) Spoiled!

On another note… I tried this really good juice/tea this morning that I got on sale at the store this week! It’s the POM brand but it’s a mix of tea and juice. This one is really yummy!!


Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea. If you see it, definitely try it! Super Yummy!!

Anyone doing anything fun today?? I have to read Anatomy and then go to class this afternoon:( But a girl in my class and I discovered we live kinda close so we are going to carpool to school from now on!! YAY for saving gas!!


  1. Yay for saving on gas! Sadie is so cute!

  2. Seriously, Sadie is absolutely precious! And way to go girl on saving gas :)

  3. Sammy sits at the window just like that looking out. I have to keep the blinds up in that room or he messes them up trying to see out! When I leave I can always see him looking at me in the window!

  4. Yay for carpools!

    We took our puppy to the vet today too - and she's gotten a little chunky from not being as active in the heat. My fiance works for PetSmart, and is dog food obsessed. If you'd like a really good food, that I believe is in the medium price range, we love Blue Buffalo. [ ] Our puppy has the softest coat, and it's all thanks to the great food :)

  5. My Sadie keeps her post too. She is such a good (useless) guard dog!

  6. Sadie is so cute! Even if she is a little big :)

    I have to buy the super expensive stuff for my dog because of her allergies (Blue Buffalo). I hate paying almost $50 a bag, but I guess it's better than keeping her on allergy medicine her whole life!

  7. Ohhhh!! I love that flavor of POM! And it's okay that you aren't a food blogger, I'll still read, haha :) Aww Sadie is so cute! My dog is spoiled too, I feel guilty if I go ANYWHERE without her