2010 Goals

Hey friends! Like I promised, here are my 2010 goals/resolutions!! I broke them down into a Fitness and Nutrition and a Personal category. Since I am in school and jobless, I am leaving the Professional category blank since my goal is just to continue doing well in school and finish Dec 2011!! So here they are:

Fitness and Nutrition

1. Run at least 2 half marathons

2. Try to run at least 1 race per month (if possible, according to races available in my area)

3. Strength train at least 2X per week- includes ab workouts, bootcamps, and free weights.

4. Incorporate more veggies in my diet. Try to include a veggie with lunch and dinner at minimum.

5. Limit sweets to one treat a day- This is going to be SUPER tough for me!!

6. Drink more water!! I think I will try to drink 48 oz a day minimum. That’s 3 of my Nathan water bottles which is a lot more than I’m drinking now!


1. Finish planning my wedding and honeymoon and continue enjoying every minute of it!

2. Marry the love of my life on June 11th, 2010!!

3. Daily quiet times reading my Bible and spending time in prayer- I have definitely been slacking on this, I need to make it part of my morning routine. I always feel so much better after spending time with God!

4. Become a better listener, less bossy, and more understanding.

5.Cut back on needless spending and put more in savings. This is VERY important!! I am in school and have NO job so I don’t need to be spending money like I have an income! I am going to try to save $200/ month minimum.


I think that about covers it! Haha :) What do ya’ll think? I think they are definitely achievable! I am glad I will have this post to reference back to to make sure I stay on track!! What are some of y’alls goals/resolutions? I hope y’all have a wonderful New Years Eve and Happy New Year!!


  1. Some of your goals look very familiar!

  2. Ahhh limiting sweets is SO tough! Good goals for 2010!

  3. You have some great goals! Do you have both halves picked out?