Opinions needed!!

Hey ya’ll!! I can’t believe today is December 20th! Only 5 days until Christmas and my birthday!! So excited!! Ok Memphis gals, I need your help!! I have to decide on a restaurant for my Birthday Dinner on Christmas Eve and I need ideas!! I am so bad at picking out restaurants! So, what are some of your favorite restaurants to eat at? Thanks ya’ll!!


Today was kinda a laid back day. I went to church, spent time with the fam, did a little Christmas shopping and wrapping, and watched a really good Hallmark Christmas movie. It was a nice, relaxing day!! Oh, and I also painted my nails! It’s been way too long since they’ve been painted!


No running again today. It’s hard to force myself to cut back my running some!! Only a few more weeks and I will be back to hardcore training, so I really want to enjoy this “downtime” from running, if you will!! But, I feel guilty not running! It’s kinda weird, haha. I have an early morning 3 miler scheduled with Erin tomorrow and then I’m going to do a longer run on Tuesday before the bad weather comes. No snow for us, just rain and thunderstorms forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday. I’m a little jealous of everyone up north who got all the snow! It looks so fun!!


I hope everyone had a good weekend and Christmas will be here in 5 days! I bet that means a short work week for a lot of you! Yay! Everyone ready?? I know I am!! I think 25 will be a GREAT year for me!!


  1. Stix or Bonefish in Collierville!

  2. Happy early birthday to you! :D Have an awesome run! :D

  3. Yay for short weeks, Christmas, and birthdays!!!!! :) Love ya girl!!!

  4. Stix is awesome! I went there after my sister's graduation 2 summers ago and the food was soo yummy!

    Is your birthday on Christmas Day??

  5. I love laidback Hallmark Chrismas movie watching days! And happy early birthday!

  6. Love Belmont Grill, Blowfish, Rain, Houston's.....

  7. Not BLOWfish, BLUEfish!!!! Sorry! Ha! Christmas brain!