NYE 10K!

Happy New Years Eve!! I hope y’all enjoyed my 2010 goals post!! I am just going to do a quick race recap because I had a great race this morning!!

I ran the DAC 10K this morning, which was out by my parent’s house where I normally do my long runs! I can’t say how fun it was to be used to running the course! It was nice!! It was also a small race. I think only 66 people ran, so I was never trying to weave through people. That was nice also!! The race was very well organized and I really enjoyed it! It actually only ended up being 6 miles instead of 6.2, but that’s fine by me! Who really needs those 0.2 anyways?! They said after the race that they had to quickly change the course last minute, which was why it was a bit short! Either way, I ran SUPER hard and definitely have a new 6 mile PR!!

My time was 54:59 for 6 miles! Whoop Whoop!! That’s a 9:11 min/ mile pace! That’s totally fast for me!! Here’s my mile splits:

Mile 1: 9:25

Mile 2: 9:12

Mile 3: 9:19

Mile 4: 9:06

Mile 5: 9:10

Mile 6: 8:53

I am so happy with my pace for this race! I was a little worried since I’ve toned down my running a bit since the half marathon, but obviously I am still doing GREAT!! Here are some pics my mom and dad got of me.


This is at the beginning of the race, I’m all smiles!


This is around mile 4, I was getting hot but still smiling!


And this is at the finish, haha! Funny how the time clock basically beheads me in this pic! Would have been a good one if the time clock wasn’t there! LOL


Right after the race. I ended up getting third in my age group, but unfortunately they only gave medals to the first in each age group :( Oh well!

I really enjoy 10k’s and am looking forward to the next ones in February!! I will definitely do this race again next year, it was a blast!


  1. Sounds like a fun local race, amazing job!!! and what a great way to say goodbye to 2009. :)

  2. Soooooo proud of you!!!!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the time :o) You look so refreshed in your post race picture!