New Years Eve 10k

I went ahead and signed up for the DAC 10k on New Years Eve morning!! I am a little nervous about it since there are only 54 people signed up so far! I’m not used to such small races! But, it’s going to be right by my parents house where I do most of my long runs so I am pretty familiar with the route. I have never raced there before!! The weather is looking good for race day. Right now it’s supposed to be cloudy and 40 degrees. Not too bad! This morning I had an early 3 miler with Erin. It was a nice run but FREEZING!! We both tried out our new reflective gear! She had a blinking light ankle thing and I had reflective slap bracelets! I definitely think the cars could see us! Tomorrow is going to be a rest day from running since I have the 10k Thursday! My arms are sore from that boot camp workout yesterday!! Mostly my triceps, but my back is a little sore also! It’s definitely a GOOD sore!!

I am working on thinking about my 2010 resolutions and hope to share those with you soon! We are just having leftovers for dinner tonight, so new new recipes to share. We are working our way through that huge candy stash! I will be so happy to have it gone!!

Well, that’s all for now! Trying to enjoy my last few days before I have to head back to school!


  1. YAY!!! Awesome that you signed up!!!! I know you're going to do great :)

  2. I love your new layout btw. Very cute!

    There might be people sign up for the race the morning of. Maybe thier waiting to see how they feel....if you catch my drift :)

    I'm totally trying that recipie. I'm always looking for new way to use chicken breasts (we buy them from Costco so they are a staple in the freezer) plus I'm in love wiht my crock pot lately.

    I love your bowls too. Very cute.