Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…

Happy December 2nd! Hope everyone is having a great day! We finally got our tree decorated last night so I wanted to share some of my Christmas decorations with ya’ll!!




Here’s the tree. I always decorate it in blue and silver (a Memphis Tigers tree, if you will)!!




Tree again. I just love the look and smell of REAL Christmas trees!! The tree was only $25 too! Can’t beat that! Lowe’s has the best tree selection, plus they trim them up for you!




Here are the stockings. Mine is the red, Al’s is the white, and Sadie’s is the super cute doggie one in the middle!!




Here’s one end table with the mini tree and singing snowman and dog from Hallmark!




My other end table. Please excuse the picture quality, I think my camera has seen much better days!




And my little Santa by the fireplace! I love decorating for Christmas! Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s decorations!!


On the running front… today I ran 5 miles, most of which were on the treadmill because the weather today has just been awful! Rainy and cold. I did venture outside for one mile before deciding the treadmill was a much better option! Haha. I felt really tired during and after this run! I think I was pushing my pace a little much. Not a great confidence booster when my half is in 3 days!! It’s crazy to think that I only have 1 more 3 miler in the morning and then my training for this half is officially complete! So ready to run this race!


Tonight I am going to dinner with a friend and tomorrow night I have a Bunco Christmas party at my favorite restaurant ever! Old Venice! Love, love, love their pizzas! Guess I will be carbo loading extra early! Haha!


Have a great night!


  1. Your tree is pretty and that is a really good price. I thought real ones cost more than that. I bet it smells incredible!! I love your santa by the fireplace too!

  2. Very nice. What kind of tree is that? I don't think I've ever seen that type here in CA.

  3. I love Christmas decorations!! So cute. :)

  4. Love ALL the decorations, Niki!!! :)

  5. I saw al the blue and white and thought 'oh, a Penn State tree!' :) Looks very pretty!

  6. Our ornaments are blue and silver too. We let my nephew Ethan pick them out last year. He said they were police colors. :) So we have a police tree!