Fun and Busy Day

I had a very busy but super fun day today!! It started out with an early morning run. Unfortunately, my running buddy, Erin, was unable to run with me this morning due to her GRADUATION! Congrats Erin on getting your masters!! You are awesome girl!


I did a short, easy 3 miles at a 9:54 pace. I was surprised to see that I was running below a 10:00 mile and it felt “easy”! This week has kinda been a laid back running week. I only ran 4 days (I normally run 5 days/week) and only ran 3 and 4 milers. It was good to kind of take it easy after the half last weekend but I am going to get back on to my regular running schedule staring next week(Monday).


After my run, I got ready and headed over to my parent’s house so I could go Christmas shopping with my dad. We go shopping together every year for my mom and it’s starting to become a tradition that I really enjoy! We did great and got everything we needed to!!


After shopping, my mom and I headed to the “tea party” with my future MIL, her sisters, her mother, and the fiancĂ©'s sister and kids. It was the first time for me to meet a few of them but the first time for my mom to meet everyone (except the fiancĂ©'s mom, they met once before in passing). It was a blast! I think both my mom and I really enjoyed ourselves and we were able to catch everyone up on the wedding plans! I love spending time with my “future family”!! They are so fun!


Then after the “tea party”, my mom and I decided to frost some sugar cookies! My parents went to a cookie party last night and brought home a bunch of un-frosted sugar cookies. So, my mom and I whipped up some Royal Icing and got to frosting!!




These are the one’s I did. Pretty good job, right?




And these are the one’s my mom did. I think the best part about sugar cookies is getting to frost them! It’s so fun!! Don’t worry, I will be taste testing one or two of them after I finish this post!


We worked up an appetite frosting those cookies so we ordered some To-Go food from Newks. I love their BBQ Chicken Pizza so of course that’s what I got! It was delicious!




I ate half (3 pieces) and am saving the rest for lunch tomorrow after church!


Tomorrow morning I am doing another boot camp workout before church. Looking forward to that!


How is everyone doing on your Christmas shopping?? I need to do a lot more! But, I am going to go during the week so it’s not so crowded!!


  1. So glad the party was a great success!!! Sounds like alot of fun!!! And cute are those cookies??? :)