Lazy Sunday

Hey ya’ll! Hope you are having a great weekend! Today was kinda lazy, the weather was misty rain all day so that’s always a good reason to stay in!!


I got up around 6:30 this morning and did one of Bobbi’s boot camp workouts! This one is awesome! It takes about 30 minutes and you will definitely be sweating by the end!!


After church, I spent some time at my parent’s house and helped them out by wrapping gifts! I wrapped some that my mom had bought for my dad and some my dad had bought for my mom!




These are some of the ones I wrapped. When I took this picture, I had already taken some downstairs to put under the tree. I ended up wrapping a lot!! For some reason, I love to wrap Christmas gifts!! I turn up the Christmas music and get to wrapping! It’s so fun!!


Dinner tonight was a cheese and onion quesadilla. Just take a flour tortilla, and spread chopped onions and cheese on it.




I had to use shredded mozzarella and sliced cheddar because I was running low on cheese!!


Then fold it over and brown both sides.




Slice it up and serve with lots of taco bell hot sauce and sour cream (I was out of sour cream).




I had some Clementines on the side!




I am planning on having some Peppermint ice cream for dessert!! I have already had one three Christmas cookies today! Oh well, good thing I worked out this morning!! I am planning on spending the rest of my night watching recorded episodes of Say Yes to the Dress! Love that show!! Have a GREAT night!!


  1. I wrapped today with Christmas music blaring in the house too!!

  2. I wrapped with Play Station 3 UFC blaring in the house. :)