Goals For The St. Jude Half Marathon

So tomorrow is the big day! The day that I have been training for, for 16 weeks! Wow, how time flies! It’s a little strange that after tomorrow morning, my training and goal will be complete. Almost a sad feeling because I feel like I’ve been working so hard! But, never fear! I have some plans that involve some fun races in the Spring to tell ya’ll about soon :) So, since I have worked so hard training and ya’ll have been there for me the whole time, I decided it would only be appropriate for me to post some goals for tomorrow’s race to share with all my wonderful followers and encouragers!


1. Just finish! I will be happy with whatever time I get and so excited to just complete the race!! This isn’t my “official” first half marathon, I ran one about 5 years ago, but I am still calling it a first since it has been so long and I basically started my training from scratch(post ankle injury)!


2. Finish under 2:25- This would put me at an 11:00/mile pace or faster which I have been doing in training. I think this is achievable, being that something crazy doesn’t happen (like killer side stitches) and that I run like I normally do in the freezing cold, since I didn’t train in any temp below 35ish and the temp tomorrow is supposed to be 23 degrees.


3. Finish around 2:15- This is my lofty goal, meaning I would be running a little less than a 10:30/pace. Maybe the freezing temps will make me run faster!


But like I said, I will be ecstatic just to FINISH!!! I know there are a lot of other races this weekend so good luck to everyone racing!!


Thanks to everyone who offered me advice on what to wear in the FREEZING temps!! I have 2 different race outfits picked out for tomorrow depending on how warm I really think I need to be.


But, I do have one more cold weather question for ya’ll: Has anyone ever doubled up on socks so their toes don’t freeze?? I ALWAYS wear thin socks, just what I prefer to run in, but I notice as the temps drop into the 30’s that my toes like to freeze and go numb. So, I was considering wearing 2 pairs of my thin socks. I don’t really see how this could hurt. What do ya’ll think?


My prerace dinner is going to be pizza! My favorite pizza from my favorite restaurant, Cafe Piazza! Carbo loading is sooo fun!!


  1. Have a great time!!! No ideas on the socks for you - maybe walk around with them on for a little bit tonight and see if they move ro bunch on you?

  2. Good luck, I'll be thinking about you and all the other runners racing this weekend. Cold weather definitely makes me run faster, maybe it will for you too.

  3. Good luck!! You're going to be awesome!!

  4. I know you'll do amazing, good luck!!!!!!!! :)