Panera Bread Company

Oh Panera Bread, how much I love you!! I have visited your store for the past 2 days in a row and it’s love :) Today I had a cup of your wonderful homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, a baguette, and the best coffee ever!








I’m not kidding about the Hazelnut coffee. BEST COFFEE EVER! (Sorry Starbucks, I am cheating on you with their Hazelnut coffee. If you would get flavored coffee, then that may be another story!)


And don’t worry, I also purchased some bagels and cream cheese to hold me over this week!




Whole grain, Gingerbread, and Asiago Cheese bagels, oh how I love thee!! And yes, I did say GINGERBREAD bagel, Heaven on Earth!




Honey Walnut cream cheese, there is none better. And how did I get so lucky, you being reduced fat and all!!


Panera, my love for you is right next to my love for Starbucks, and that is a HUGE accomplishment for you Panera since I gave my heart to Starbucks many years ago!


My only problem with you Panera, is that the nearest one is 30 minutes from my house. Now this doesn’t stop me from visiting you, but can you imagine how frequently I would visit if you were in my town? I would be there every day! Studying, drinking coffee, having lunch dates, etc. Panera, will you please come to Oakland, TN? I would LOVE to have you come and stay!


  1. I love Panera and we have quite a few just in our area.. it's pretty popular here in Florida. I love their asiago cheese bagels and chicken and wild rice soup :)

  2. Love me some Panera!!!!!!!! :)